Supported by the main industry body (the BIC) and regulatory requirements, the directors of STS believe we have a solid plan for future growth.
“The concepts being developed by Special Transport Solutions have considerable promise as a means of addressing the needs of people who need to use a mobility device and wish to travel by coach. These benefits can flow on to coach operators across Australia by assisting the industry meet compliance requirements under the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport under the Disability Discrimination Act”… Michael Apps Executive Director, The Bus Industry Confederation.
With 80,000 busses on Australian roads we believe we have a good plan for growth. Ongoing relationships with companies such as McConnell Seats and relationships with other industry suppliers will help us grow sales.
“We believe the systems STS have developed and plan to develop offer viable solutions for people in wheelchairs who wish to travel on the public and private transport systems in Australia”… Alan Smith CEO McConnell Seats.
With the support of the BIC and the Human Rights Commission, we believe we are well placed to take advantage of regulatory enforcement.
”The solution demonstrated by STS appears to have considerable promise as a means of addressing the main concerns in accommodating disabled passengers on coaches in Australia and thus of enhancing the ability of industry to provide accessible services. This appears to be relevant both in general public transport use to which the DSAPT currently apply, and potentially also in school bus use, to which the more general provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act currently apply, and which as you will have noted the DSAPT review recommended should be brought within the coverage of the DSAPT over time”… Graeme Innes AM Disability Discrimination Commissioner.
Our patent strategy covers developing our seating mechanism for the Rail, Marine and Airline Industries, and the development of markets abroad based on our success and experience in Australia. This is a natural step for STS in 2016/17. With the successful development of the Airline version of our system we believe the company may be open to a merger, acquisition or IPO in 2018/19.

In complying with Australian safety standards for seating on coaches (ADR/68), we offer government, operators and insurers the benefits associated with reducing the risk involved in accommodating disabled passengers on public transport.

Board and Management Team


Director/Chairman | Michael Parkes

Michael has extensive experience in a number of Federal Government Departments, including Centrelink, the Department of Treasury, The department of Infrastructure and transport, and the Department of broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. His areas of expertise embrace policy development, business analysis, project management and ICT management.

Michael has worked with IBM and Hewlett Packard on large scale Government projects. Michael is currently engaged with the ACT Government in ITS governance.


Director | Robert Pringle

Robert Pringle was a director of Baribunma Holdings, a company engaged in the provision of disability devices within Australia. Robert has been involved in the development and commercialisation of patented technology in Australia/ Worldwide and carries this experience and know how, with him, into STS. Working in the transport sector for 15 years he knows intimately the relationship between disabled passengers and service providers and has worked tirelessly to try and address the needs of individuals while meeting the demands of industry.

In a consultative role Robert has worked with the transport industry and aided the development of systems that provide for better access to transport services by disabled passengers.


Director of Sales | Brendan Lennon

Brendan has 20 years experience in growing companies across sectors of industry including IT, Engineering, Construction and Hospitality, encompassing project generation and assessment, development, operational management and commercialisation experience. Brendan has been involved in the ongoing IP development within the company and heads up the commercial development of STS.

Brendan has a history of creating strong and sustainable value through robust strategic thinking, innovative and inclusive leadership practices and sound decision making. He has a focus on sales strategy and development, negotiations (in particular, UK and America), project management, team building and running/developing private and public companies.


Director | Chris Sparks

For the past 22 years Chris has worked in senior executive roles in IT and assistive technology. In the early 90s he was national IT manager for IKEA Furniture (Australia) before changing careers and establishing businesses involved in importing and supply a range of products for people with disabilities and older Australians. In 2000 Chris was appointed general manager for Invacare Australia and later general manager for Invacare Asia based in Hong Kong. He currently works part time as the Executive Officer for Assistive Technology Suppliers Australasia, a not for profit industry association championing the interests of businesses competing in the assistive technology market.

Outside of his business career, Chris has had a strong involvement with wheelchair sports having been a member of the Australian Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team for 6 years. Previously, Chris was Chairman of NSW Wheelchair Sports, Vice-President of Northcott Disability Services and a member of the Australia Day Council (NSW). He was awarded the Australian Sports Medal in 2000 for his services to disabled sport.


Occupational Therapist | Melissa Benson BAppSc (OccTh) GradCert(OccThNeuro)

Melissa graduated in 1990 as an Occupational Therapist (University of Sydney) and worked in both the State and Commonwealth Healthcare systems. She has held clinical and management positions with special interests in Neurology and OH&S. Melissa worked for the University of Sydney until 2001, co-ordinating the Driver Rehabilitation Program, and she was responsible for training national and international Occupational Therapists in driver rehabilitation.

Melissa also provides consultancy services throughout Australia and New Zealand, specialising in driver and workplace safety, providing driver assessment, screening and educational services to organisations looking to reduce costs associated with vehicle incidents/accidents. At the present time, Melissa continues to combine her consultancy work in prevention with her clinical work in a number of private hospitals located on the North Shore of Sydney.


Head of manufacturing | Bill Vasilis

Head of Manufacturing, Bill Vasilis brings and abundance of experience with him to STS. Having trained as a Fitter and Machinist bill has worked all over Australia on varied projects in both fabrication and manufacturing. With his experience in providing production runs for prototypes and components Bill will work with the design team on our new products and assist in making sure our manufacturing and assembly techniques are to a high standard.

Using state of the art equipment and calling on his 31 years experience Bill will be key in ensuring the efficient delivery of our product made to a high standard.